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Check Out the Feedback Left By Others!

What a Rotten Gift!

The "Ass" in the Back of the Room

The Prisoners Have Responded

2 for the Price of 1: 
A Family Members' Perspective


The DBT-CBT workbook is dedicated to all the patients, friends, and family who have shared their stories of pain and trauma...
and healing and recovery...and have taught me infinitely more than could be learned through all the books, classes, and workshops.

DBT-CBT is a life-changing recovery program that inspires people
to make the life changes that will change their lives.
This program has turned many defeated hearts into empowered spirits
that are psychologically prepared to take on the challenges of
GETTING ON and STAYING ON the Recovery Path.
Come join us in our journey.

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Check Out the Feedback Left by Others!

What a Rotten Gift!

"I got this book as a "gift" from my brother when I was going through my second divorce.  I was angry that he sent it to me and insulted that he actually thought I needed something like this.  I didn't even look at it for days.  One afternoon in a period of boredom, I began to flip through it and noticed several pages he marked.  I began to read it because I was curious what he thought I needed to read.  He marked passages related to our family and how we were raised, the hurtful messages we got from our parents and how their abusive lies affected us.  I read the parts he marked about our relationship choices, how we seek comfort and relief through self-destructive coping behavior, I read about how I'm not stupid because of these choices, but seeking relief from the pain and negativity.  I read about why I keep choosing destructive relationships.  Needless to say, I read through most of the book over the next few weeks and I learned a great deal about myself and about the choices I've made in life.  I have a better understanding of why things are the way they are NOW and have been during my life.  I'm writing to tell you how helpful this book has been for me and how it has helped me to free myself from a lot of the negativity from the past and to recognize my worth in life.  I decided to go into counseling to work on my issues so I'm less driven to repeat the mistakes from the past.  I would like to order some copies of this book when it is finished to give as a gift to several people I know!  Send me an email when they're ready.  I'll mark some passages for them too!     (Rick B. -  Colorado) 

The "Ass" in the Back of the Room!

"I am one of the people that attended the Concealed Handgun Class that you spoke at earlier this year.  I couldn't believe you presented this material at a gun class.  I was there to learn about handgun licensing issues, not my personal issues.  The instructor explained to me that you were there to talk about Nonviolent Conflict Resolution and how to manage conflict situations and how to respond to situations to prevent things from getting out-of-control (good name for your book, by the way), but I left there feeling it was inappropriate.  My wife began reading your book and she began reading some of the information to me.  She did good to talk about "her faults" and why she loses control when we argue because I wasn't in any mood to hear from you about my issues.  Long story short, I appreciate the things you talked about because I've learned some things about myself and how I act when I'm upset.  My wife and I are "catching ourselves" when we start getting into one of those crazy arguments that can get out-of-control and we're taking time-out and thinking things through.  It's very useful information and I'm sorry for acting like an ass during your talk."  (Sent anonymous)

The Prisoners Have Responded

 "Thank you for sending me the "draft" version of your workbook.  It did take a while to write in the page numbers!  I have integrated many things from your workbook into the stress management class.  (I'm not photocopying.  I draw the worksheets out on the chalkboard!)  In the last few months, my class attendance has increased and the inmates come more regularly.  They are cutting up less and are really paying attention.  They supply answers as we do the worksheets on the chalkboard and they're processing things from their life that before they denied or would not talk about.  It's rather amazing.  I am hoping that the warden will purchase some of your books for our library and the inmates that attend class.  Please contact me when you have "good" copies of the book for sale."  (J.M. - Texas).

2 for the Price of 1: A Family Member's Perspective

"Hi!  I hope this goes to Dr. Gordon Sheets.  I want to tell her how her workbook has changed my life.  All through the book it talks about how these things can be life-changing and I'm one that can say it is.  My sister was at  your hospital last year and she brought this workbook home.  She asked me to be her support person while she did it.  She said it was hard to read because it brought up painful memories and feelings.  Of course, I wanted my sister alive so I did as she asked.  I found out that she was right and you were right that it packed quite a punch and it hit hard and quick.  We cried together sometimes, and we laughed together at other times.  Thank you for your sense of humor, it really helps to make it through the workbook.  I also thank you for your compassion and the understanding you have.  I don't know about your life in any great detail, but the parts you do share about yourself make a difference.  My sister loved your group.  I thank you for getting her on the recovery path and I thank you for getting me on it too.  I know recovery is step-by-step and day-after-day and we are both going at it this way.  We know that recovery is a lifestyle and a life-long endeavor...not a good six months.  She hasn't cut and hasn't been drinking since she left the hospital and no more suicide attempts.  We just talk her through it.  I've also quit doing the things I was doing to numb-out my pain.  We're both supporting each other.  You have not only changed her life, but my life too and I wanted to thank you for that.  God Bless you and your work with other people." (Emily K. - Texas)       

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